How Can I Be Helpful?

With a background of over 35 years of executive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, I am positioned to be able to offer consulting services to help leaders, professional and volunteer, navigate the specific challenges which they face.
Some of the specific areas of focus in my consulting are:

  • board development and evaluation
  • board-professional collaboration
  • clarifying vision and mission statements
  • managing leadership transitions
  • professional leadership development
  • strategic planning
  • executive support and evaluation
  • collaboration among different organizations within a community (breaking down the barriers to effective communication and synergy)

Speaking Engagements
Below are a sample of topics which I am prepared to speak on.

  • The Power of Vision
  • Partners in Leadership
  • Building the Strategic Board
  • The Essence of Leadership – An Emerging Consensus
  • The Evolution of the Meaning of Leadership
  • Becoming a Leadership Athlete

Workshop Topics

  • Defining a life purpose – taking first steps
  • The Jewish roots of coaching

Board/professional partnership

  • Partners in Leadership – the executive-board collaboration dance – coaching this key leadership team
  • The Board chair and professional leader: Making the dyad work
  • The successful executive support and evaluation committee
  • Evaluating Board performance
  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Shaping the culture of the board; shaping the culture of the organization – fostering alignment and fit


  • Facilitating a board retreat – setting strategic goals and following them
  • The most influential committee: Committee on Trustees


  • An introduction to leadership assessment tools
  • Peer-assisted leadership: shadowing your colleagues


  • Writing and/or sharpening a vision/mission statement

Implementing Change: What We Know
Read one of my publications: A Jewish Day School Journal
Finally, take my questionnaire to prime your reflective thinking and help you focus on potential areas for future growth.