Deepening Your Self-Awareness as a Leader: Asking and Answering Powerful Questions (Part II)

Use and Care of Body

What examples do you have of times when you have drawn on your right brain (creative, musical, artistic), along with your left brain (rational, logical, sequential)?

What helps you to become more aware of your total body responses to the challenges and successes you experience?

Are you in touch with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual responses within?

What are you doing to sustain yourself in the face of multiple demands and pressures?

What role do exercise, nutrition, rest, and meditation play in your life?

Focusing on Work with Your Board

What are you doing to help build your Board’s leadership bench?

What are some of the avenues you can explore for helping to ensure smooth board leadership transitions at all levels?

What is your assessment of the current working relationship you have with your Board chair?

How does it compare to your work with previous Board chairs?

What accounts for the differences, positively or negatively?

What could you do to help strengthen this key partnership relationship?

Which improvements in this working relationship could have the largest positive effect on the overall performance of the Board and of the school as a whole?

How are you engaging with the voices of dissent and opposition?

What new collaborations or partnerships have you already brokered (or are you currently contemplating brokering)?


This questionnaire emerged from the careful consideration of a number of key resources.

The key resource was The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing your Organization and the World, by Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Marty Linsky (Harvard Business Press, 2009).

Additional resources include:

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